A Sonnet For Two

A maladroit attemp to express the love and affection for two close friends, Tessa and Rick, who committed themselves to togetherness in a magnificently vivid, colourful and sincere celebration of their union. I was touched by the invitation to share this special moment with them, in the company or true friends from far and away.

This fifteenth day of May shall never lay to rest
as we have all amassed to witness Nature’s pick:
the Fates entwine two souls into a single tress
as Tessa’s life is richer every day with more of Rick.

For every time we think of ye, our dearest friends,
we — Katka, Pavel, Bissy, Mih, and Andy — stand
by ye and each of us your wedding vows contends,
ye two, accused of love, a crime no man can ever mend.

Confined to distich as of now, together free as never,
confess today, confess but to this very Garden:
though sail through time is not a leisurely endeavour,
to sail through life not face-to-face, yet always guardant.

Thine, Tessa, are his heart, and spirit ever restless
many a thousand leagues he’d cross to be with thee
for it is known — Den Baker is without his Tessa crestless —
thou art his muse, thou art the leaves of flavour in his tea.

Thine, Rick, are all her thoughts, and gentle soul, and charms
and she sees thee into the eyes of every passing stranger.
And this one Grefkens needs not, nor she bears, any arms
for thine arms firm around her do suffice to scatter any danger.

We summon now the God of Future Days and of All Springs
to cast upon ye spells of wisdom tender and of colours bright,
and to protect your love, and gift it with one thousand wings,
to take ye safe to the horizon, where love meets light.

Stay true — and close to friends — through what there is to pass
and know this tender wedding moment shall forever last.

Tessa and Rick Den Bakker, 15 May 2015

Tessa and Rick Den Bakker, 15 May 2015

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